Mr. Cloud 

A Cloud Of Mystery Dacoopen

Stud dog/chovný pes


Pedigree name: A Cloud Of Mystery Dacoopen

Name: Cloud/Mráček

Registration number: CMKU/AUO/7932/21
Born: 28. 6. 2021         Gender: Male
Color: Blue merle (red factor)       Tail: NBT

ISAG gentic profile 

Stud dog/chovný pes 

from March 2024

Sire: Albatros Barbastella
Dam:  Amiable Gingin Bamuno’s
Breeder & owner: Eliska Schuhlerova - Dacoopen kennel

Height: 54cm       Weight: 25kg


HD: A/A   ED: 0/0   OCD neg   SA 0   LTV 0, L7

Eyes: clear 3/2024
Teeth: Scissor bite with full dentition

CEA +/+ clear by parentage & Genomia
PRA(prcd) +/+ clear by parentage & Genomia
HSF4 (HC) +/- carrier by Genomia
DM +/+ clear by parentage & Genomia
+/+ clear by Genomia
HUU +/+ clear by Genomia
NCL6 +/+ clear by Genomia
CMR1 +/+ clear by Genomia

PCD +/+ clear by Genomia                                                         MH +/+ clear by Genomia                                                     CD +/+ clear by Genomia

NBT tested

Cloud’s parents 

(Sire:  BIS BISS ICH. GRANDCH. JCH. Bishakha Raging Bull Fallcat
Dam:  JCH. De Blanche Neige Gitaron

Albatros Barbastella

Sire: CH. Askaneli Cofi Capito
Dam: A First Lady Amor Real